This is a blog about design, except when it’s not.

“I have always been a romantic, one of those people who believes that a woman in pink circus tights contains all the secrets of the universe.” – Tom Robbins

We are all designers and design can come from anywhere. Your results may vary depending on audience, experience, and desire. Cooking is design too, just with different mediums. I like to experiment with making things to eat.

I also will occasionally write on pop-culture and my experience as a father and husband in the DC area. As displaced Floridian with deep roots to the Argentine heritage of my parent’s homeland, some of the dishes will take more Latin, and/or Caribbean slant. As a UX professional, there will be an empathetic tilt that betrays my liberal leanings, you have been warned

I hope to chronicle my experiences in many different areas for your entertainment, and as an outlet. I will write what comes to mind and what moves me. Most of these posts will concentrate on things that are close to my heart. Food, family, vegetable gardening, football, politics, music and culture and sometimes my career. I am no expert in anything I will grouse on. But I will let you be a part of this. Enjoy the ride, it may get a little weird, but I hope to entertain as I get things out of my head and into the digital world.